Monday, 30 January 2017

5 Safety Tips to secure your Hotmail account via Hotmail Tech Support 1-888-514-9993

Hotmail is a leading desktop based email service that the majority of people daily login because of its highly securable emailing features. But when a person is an amateur to Hotmail then Hotmail user should use the safety and security measures to optimally use the Hotmail account. But there should be also the way though which a Hotmail user can take quality consultation of all their queries or resolve all the problems. So, for that, just make contact to Hotmail Technical Support.
You can also add the following Hotmail Technical Support safety tips to secure your Hotmail account:
·         Via Strong Password:
§  Create a unique and memorizing password to secure your Hotmail account.
§  Use the combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers, which are also known as the three-dimensional password.
§  Use two step-verification methods to add an extra layer of the security with your Hotmail account.
·         Keep checking whether the HTTP is enable or not in the URL address bar: Although by default HTTP is already activated but still keep checking the HTTP in your URL address bar especially in the case when you are using the public wireless internet connection or the insecure internet network.
·         Create a secret question that cannot be guessable: Choose a stagnant security question that is absolutely wrongful and can never be guessable by the unknown people. 
·         Embed security plug-in: Increase the adaptability of browser plug-in to secure your Hotmail account.

·         Password Reset Information: Keep your entire Hotmail password reset information to secure your Hotmail account. 

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