Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Create an account on Hotmail via Hotmail Support 1-850-361-8504

Many users want to create an account on hotmail as it offers the best services and features but sometimes they get confused while creating it and that time they look of r the reliable help which can only be provided by Hotmail Tech Support team.  
Following steps help you to create an account on hotmail:-
·         In the very first step, you need to go to the Hotmail website.
·     Then, you must fill out the ‘Sign Up’ page in which you have to choose your email address and entering personal and security information.
·         Enter your personal information like name, birthday, and gender.
1.  Create your account name:- Enter a unique name in the ‘Microsoft account name’ field and ensure that is selected.
2.   Create a password:- Use at least 8 characters in which numbers, capitalized and small letter is included.

·     Fill the contact information in which you must two methods like phone number and alternate email which will help you in dealing with the lost password related issues.
·       After that, choose any country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and your zip/postal code.
·       Afterwards, enter the Captcha and agree the terms of service and privacy policy.
·       At last, log into your email account and do your work or make changes as per your like.

I hope you have understood all the points but if you stuck in something then you need to make contact with our Hotmail Technical Support team who will help you sooner rather than later.


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