Monday, 28 August 2017

Reset a Lost Hotmail Password Via Hotmail Support

If you have lost your Hotmail password then you need to make contact with our HotmailTech Support team who will solve all your issues in no time for sure.

Following steps help you to reset your password:-
1.       Navigate the to reach to its home page
2.       Then, you need to tap on the ‘Can't access your account?’ link.
3.       Choose ‘I forgot my password’ and tap on ‘Next’ option.
4.       You need to enter your ‘Hotmail address’in the ‘Microsoft account’ field.
5.       Select a verification method:-
·         Email –Get the verification code on recovery email address associated with your account.
·         Use an app - If you have installed the ‘Microsoft Account’ app then use it to generate a verification code for the verification your identity.
·         Text - If your mobile phone number is linked with your account then you will get the text which will verify your identity.
·         You can answer the questionnaire(if necessary), if you have no recovery information linked with your account.
6.     Get the verification code on your verification method to access the password reset page. And, enter the verification code in its field.
7.      Afterwards, make a new password
8.      At last, you will be able to login your account.

Above points will help you to reset your Hotmail password but if you think that they are not worthy then you can take help from our Hotmail Technical Support team who will solve all your issues.

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